Hot Flow

Strengthen and create flexibility in this fast paced flow class. Breath is linked to movement as you flow through each posture. Be prepared to sweat. Recommend for those familiar with yoga. This is a heated yoga class average 98 deg.

Hot Power Fusion

Drawing inspiration from the classic 26 hot yoga posture sequence, students explore a variety of static postures accompanied by gentle flow. Postures held anywhere from 20 sec to 1 minute with the primary focus of the sequence encouraging flexibility throughout the spine ac This class is suitable for all levels. This is a hot yoga class average 105 deg.

Dynamic stretch

This class enables practitioners to get into a posture and hold the pose through elongated breath work, getting into connective tissue and deepening the stretch. It teaches you to work through intensity and use breath to move through the poses. This is a slow paced deep stretch class, suitable for all levels. This class is heated average of 85 deg.

Hot Sculpt

Yoga, Pilates, and barre collide in this cardio intensive class that uses weights to sculpt and tone arms, thighs, butt and work abs. Heated class average of 90 deg.

Yoga fundamentals

Build balance, strength, and flexibility as you link breath to movement. Designed with beginners in mind, this class will get the body moving while breaking down the postures. Great class whether you’re a beginner or advanced. This is a warm class average of 85 deg.


The ultimate full body workout linking both isometric and dynamic body movements to strengthen and tone the entire muscular system. DF also utilizes interval training to burn calories while simultaneously leaning out the physique with weights and resistance props. This is a high energy class with the ambiance being set with the latest HipHop. Created by Manndola. 

*Intermediate to Advanced levels


Jordan Severs

Jordan Severs has been a practitioner of yoga since 2006 and did her first 200hr teacher training in the summer of 2007 and began teaching that fall. The following year she took on another teacher training to be able to effectively teach in the heat through Yoga Tribe in Huntington Beach. Her classes are a combination of traditional yoga poses and dynamic movement. Interweaving classes with moments of high intensity and dialing it back at just the right time to ease students into a state of calm and serenity by the end of class.

Alicia "Ace" Easter

ACE discovered her love of yoga in the summer of 2006 while on assignment in Chicago, IL. After only a few hot yoga classes, she noticed the profound effect yoga had on her personal growth and knew she wanted to share its effects with the world. It took her some time to make the leap to become certified, but once she completed her 200-hour teacher training, there was no turning back. Fully equipped with the education to mirror her passion for the practice, ACE is here to share her gift of healing and mindfulness with the world. She has two “rules” in her class, smile often and don’t leave your breath behind.

Pia Kamonsit

Pia has been teaching fitness and movement for over 10 years, previously in her home country of Thailand she taught cardio dance. When she moved to LA she found Yoga and sculpt in LA and became certified to teach these modalities. She attributes yoga to helping calm her mind while sculpt has changed her body. Pia believes in working hard and her classes will always challenging you, and leave you feeling stronger and confident.

Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider is a young yoga instructor based in Los Angeles. He has quickly gained notoriety as a yogi and teacher both in his home city and across America.  Not one for tradition, Paul set out to break down stereotypes around the ancient practice that he loves so much. His light hearted yet intense teaching style challenges students to discover new inner strengths while keeping the importance of community in mind.

Shahada Karim

Shahada Karim believes the most effective way to connect is through plain speech, clear direction and decisive action. She grew up ‘dabbling’ in forms of yoga, to stretch overworked muscles from too many hours in the gym. In 2012, she committed to learning as much as she could about yoga with her first 200 training in Power (Hatha) Yoga. She’s since been certified in Hot Power Fusion (200hr), Yoga with Weights (100hr), and Yin Yoga (100hr). She studied Yoga 4 Cancer, and keeps a private training roster of cancer patients and survivors. She also has specialized training in advanced anatomy and physiology, energetic cultivation and transfer, intelligence in sound and sequencing, and breath-work for grounding and expansion.

Vicky Mendez

Vicky began her teaching journey in January 2017. Her yoga practice started 4 years ago after losing 100 lbs yet not feeling satisfied with her body, she found her body acceptance through her yoga practice. Her goal is to empower students through yoga to build strength as well as sculpt self-acceptance and mindfulness into their everyday lives and most of all have fun! In her classes, you will break a sweat with good intentions and create a safe space to connect with yourself on the mat.

Jessy Chang

Jessy chang is a yogi, artist, designer, animal lover and foodie living and loving in Los Angeles. At age 20, she tip-toed herself into her first yoga class but it’s not until 10 years later that she started to take her practice diligently. Working in the fashion industry that is ego-driven, she turned to yoga and meditation to keep herself centered. After 4 years of diligent practice, she decided it was time to deepen her practice even more and spread the joy and benefit of yoga and received her 200 HRS RYT in April 2016. With uplifting spirit, she aims to inspire her students to love and honor their mind and body through dedication and commitment.