Virtual Yoga

What is Virtual Yoga

Virtual Yoga allows you to practice with your favorite teachers from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a device connected to the internet and a space to practice. The experience extends beyond practicing with recorded videos AND keeps us connected during this challenging time of social distancing. You have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with teachers and other students, all from the comfort of your own space.


How to Join via Zoom

Before your first class, create a Zoom account and download the desktop or mobile app. Zoom is a video/web conferencing platform. The Zoom account and app necessary for White Heat Virtual Yoga is free. You can use this link to sign-up and download the app:

Here is an additional link on how to use zoom to join a class

Each class will have their own Zoom link that will be emailed to you 30 minutes prior to the start of class time, So you will need to pre-register for class through our schedule or the White Heat Yoga app.

Login to the Zoom application and click the link above from the device that you will use to view and participate in the class. Please login, click the link, and get settled a few minutes before the start of class.

You can choose to share your video and/or audio OR you can choose NOT to share your video and/or audio. Sharing is encouraged, but not required.

You can select the “Gallery” view to see everyone in class or you can select the “Speaker” view, which will display just one person at a time, but will jump from one person to the next, base on who is speaking. On a computer browser, toggle between the Gallery and Speaker view by clicking the icon in the upper right of the Zoom window. If you want to lock the video on one person (perhaps the teacher), you can right click on their video and select “Pin Video.” On a mobile device, toggle between Gallery and Speaker view by swiping left and right. If you want to lock the video on one person, you can double tap the video to “Pin” the video.

If there is noise in the background where you are practicing, then please mute your audio so that everyone does not hear the background noise.

You can remove the mute setting whenever you choose to ask questions and/or interact with the class.

The teacher may plan to stay online after the class to answer questions and talk about the theme. It is an opportunity to chat and engage in community. Staying after class is optional. In fact, staying until the end of class is optional. One of the advantages of an online class is that you can leave at any time and you will not disturb or distract anyone else. You could also join the class late and it really will not bother anyone.

Support our Community via PayPal

Please support by donating to our PayPal link below.

If you’ve been cut-off from your source of income through mandated layoff and/or self-quarantine, let us know We want this to be accessible to our community. Every single view, class purchased, and share will directly affect our ability to re-open when we get through this challenging time of social distancing.

Our teachers are overwhelmed with the support you have extended to them and the day we can reunite in our studio will be so beautiful. It is because of you, we have a community and why we want to have a place to come back to in the end.

Thank you for continuing to practice with us!

In good health,

Your White Heat Yoga Studio